About us


Sabrina Jewelry’s tale is one that many can relate to, born from the unbreakable bond between a mother and daughter. Their story, just like their jewelry, is a journey of modernity, adaptability, and a shared love for jewelry.

The journey began with a simple desire – to make women feel extraordinary. Adriana and Sabrina, mother and daughter, embarked on this path driven by their deep connection and their shared passion for unique jewelry. They envisioned a world where every woman could feel distinct, elegant, and empowered.

Sabrina Jewelry emerged as a result of this shared dream, a reflection of inner power and the natural world’s energy, channeled through carefully selected gemstones. Their innovative approach to earring design allows you to seamlessly mix and match studs and drops, enabling you to express your style effortlessly. It’s the art of self-expression at your fingertips.

This journey isn’t just about jewelry; it’s about embracing life’s essence, capturing each moment, and expressing your genuine emotions. It’s a story of family, creativity, and the pursuit of empowerment through exquisite adornments.



At Sabrina Jewelry, we are Adriana and Sabrina, a mother-daughter duo with a profound passion for fashion and a shared commitment to empowering women.

Sabrina, the daughter, represents the dawn of a new era. She exudes dynamism, an outgoing spirit, and an unwavering drive. Sabrina seamlessly navigates the ever-changing currents of fashion, weaving her unique style into the very fabric of life. Her presence is a symbol of individuality and empowerment.

Adriana, the mother, stands as the embodiment of grace and sophistication. Her fashion sense is a reflection of her eclectic spirit, effortlessly adapting to every moment that life presents. Her magnetic aura radiates confidence and charm, leaving an indelible impression wherever she goes.

Together, we create a collection of jewelry that transcends the mere act of adornment. Each piece at Sabrina Jewelry is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted to enhance your individual allure. Our collection is a testament to our dedication to empowering women to express themselves fully, embracing every facet of their unique essence.

Discover your inner power. Embrace your elegance. Be uniquely you with Sabrina Jewelry.


At Sabrina Jewelry, our mission is to empower every woman to feel unique, elegant, and confident, helping them express their individuality through our jewelry.


At Sabrina Jewelry, we are defined not only by our captivating story but also by our exceptional creations. Our designs are true works of art, reflecting our unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and innovative design.

Diversity defines our collection, and each piece is a unique masterpiece, protected by copyright to ensure excellence.

Let’s explore our signature designs:

“Treasure Design”: Versatile and accommodating, it acts as a canvas for an array of stones and settings, allowing you to create your personalized treasure.

“Twilight Design”: A poetic expression of elegance in dusk, capturing the delicate transition between day and night, where the last rays of sunlight kiss the horizon, bathing the world in a gentle, dusky glow.

“Blossom Design”: Nature’s floral elegance, inspired by the intricate details and graceful forms of flowers.

“Cascade Design”: Harmonizing the beauty of gemstones, arranging them in a seamless flow that mirrors the serene movement of cascading water, creating a captivating visual.

“Echo Design”: Resonating with a harmonious blend of elegance and gemstone brilliance, featuring a distinctive trio of gemstones, capturing the essence of a repeating and melodious echo in nature.

Materials :

18K Yellow Gold: Classic, enduring, and known for its rich, golden hue, durability, and timeless appeal.

Silver 950: A unique blend of 95% pure silver and 5% copper, offering lasting shine, exceptional balance, and a higher standard of quality, perfect for intricate designs.


We’re captivated by the extraordinary beauty of gemstones and celebrate the entire spectrum, from the “Big Four” – diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies – to the myriad hues of sapphires and the intricate patterns of jasper. We select only the finest pearls, from classic white to enchanting hues, to create enduring and elegant jewelry pieces.


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